09 December 2019

Convert Ltd celebrates securing IATF automotive quality management standard

Convert Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of cable looms and harnesses, is celebrating after securing the IATF automotive quality management standard certificate IATF 16949:2016 following an independent assessment.

 The new standard - which replaces ISO/TS 16949 - is the global technical specification and quality management standard for the automotive industry. 

Bringing together standards from across Europe and the USA, it outlines everything a company needs to know about achieving best practice when designing, developing, manufacturing, installing or servicing automotive products.

Adhering to this standard is mandatory for all original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers in the automotive industry worldwide. 

Dave Lord, Managing Director, of the Kent-based electrical engineering company, said: “We’re very proud to have secured this certification - it gives us the opportunity to become a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier and will open up new business opportunities.  Delivering high quality products and exceeding customer satisfaction requirements is a top priority for us.   Achieving the IATF 16949:2016 standard is critical for our on-going business development, delivering quality products and continuous improvement.”  

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18th November 2016

UK’s leading cable looms and harness manufacturer doubles capacity with new automatic crimping machine

Convert Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of cable looms and harnesses, has invested in a new Komax Gamma 255 fully automatic crimping machine, which has helped double capacity.

The Kent-based company purchased the machine to support a project it is working on with two of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers.   

Operating predominantly in the automotive, public transport and scientific/medical sectors, Convert manufactures wire cables and harnesses for car head and rear lights, passenger gates at railway stations and a range of scientific equipment.

Incorporating an integrated pre-feeder, splice, wire-end and knot detection, as well as two wire straightening units, the Gamma 255 excels in small wire handling. It cuts wires to a desired length ranging from 15 millimeters to 10 metres and puts crimp terminals on each end. The entire cross section is processed using programmable, highly dynamic servo-drives and V stripping blades, processing cross sections in a range from 0.0123mm²/AWG36 to 2.5mm²/AWG14.  The Gamma 255 also incorporates a bad wire handling system with automatic post-production, ensuring wires are crimped correctly every time, thereby guaranteeing both quality control and repeatability.  

Dave Lord, Convert’s Managing Director, said: “When it comes to wiring, it’s the smaller the better as far as our customers are concerned, so we are delighted to have invested in a new Komax Gamma 255 machine which excels at small wire handling.  It can also carry out double side crimping with compelling process control and minimal changeover times, helping us maintain the high quality of our cable looms and harnesses. Not only has the Gamma 255 helped us double our capacity but it’s also made future growth possible as we are able to satisfy customer demand.”

So impressed is Convert with its new Gamma 255, it intends to buy another one – or even two more machines  - in the not too distant future  to supplement its Artos MTX-5 crimping machine which is currently used to process thicker wires.

Convert boasts some top industry names amongst its customers such as Wipac, Bibby Scientific Ltd, GKN Hybrid Power, Cubic Transportation and OEM Automatic Ltd, as well as leading luxury and sports car manufacturers. 


Press Releases. 

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Our Services
Quotation and Engineering Process

The Quotation Process

You can make an enquiry or request a quote by sending your cable assembly requirements to the Convert Ltd office by either, e-mail, fax or post. We can accept diagnostic & engineering diagrams using CAD as well as Word and PDF formats.

We will use the information supplied to source the required components at competitive prices and to develop a cost effective manufacturing processes. We will then provide you with a very competitive quote to manufacture your cable assemblies to the highest quality.


By using our years of experience and excellent supplier relationships we can source and purchase the required components at the most competitive prices, allowing us to pass these savings directly on to you. Our supplier relationships also allow us to obtain the best lead- time for component sourcing. We also have a comprehensive system to control and store all stock including our own fully procured stock as well as any free-issued stock.

Where parts are now obsolete, working with you, we will identify alternatives. We will not deviate from your preferred component specification without your approval, but use our knowledge and experience to suggest alternatives or improvements during the quotation process.

We operate an ordering system to suit your requirements, whether it be protected stock, kanban, one-offs, scheduled orders, or if you are working on a project that requires flexibility, through commitment to each other and an understanding of your business requirements, we aim to build professional and lasting relationship.

For further information on the services that Convert Ltd offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturing System and Process Control
MtX5 Cablespeed
MtX5 Cablespeed

The Engineering Process

As part of the quotation process we use our experience in Production Engineering to develop a manufacturing process that takes full advantage of the modern equipment that we have at our disposal. We are able to deliver cable harnesses to you at a consistently high quality, which also delivers real benefits over in-house manufacturing costs.

We are happy to review non-standard cable harnesses, or products that require a non-standard assembly method. We will reverse engineer any cable looms you require, working together to define the material required and designing a production process.

We will also carry out a Product Feasibility Review and once a quote is accepted, proto-types and product samples will be produced for you, to the high standards you expect. Using our test equipment we can produce a Functional Test Report and an Initial Sample Inspection Report to validate the manufacturing process and your products.

Once the samples are released for production we use the core data collected during this process to develop a detailed quality plan, specific to your products. This detailed plan contains all the relevant information needed to produce high quality cable assemblies.

Manufacturing Process Controls

Once we receive an order from you, we then use Omnis Manufacturing Software complete with full stock control and works order processing capabilities. A bill of material and production control module allows us to plan, monitor and control your order from receipt to dispatch.

As a result of the engineering process, detailed Assembly Plans are generated for all cable looms. These contain all necessary information and instructions to manufacture your products to a consistent and high quality.

Assembly boards are produced to aid the production processes, so we are able to provide a fast turn-a-round with no compromise on quality, conforming to your specification.

Throughout the procedures we employ, we have full traceability of material and labour for all of the cable harnesses we manufacture for you.

Continual investment in equipment and machinery enables us to offer you the best possible solution to your production requirements and ensures on going quality of the products we supply.

For further information on the services that Convert Ltd offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Assembly Equipment
Product Assembly Equipment

Product Assembly Equipment.

We have a wide range of automatic machines and hand tools designed to aid our skilled and trained staff to build your cable harnesses and assemblies as efficiently as possible.

These include:

  • A fully automatic Panduit cable tie system which is up to six times faster than using manual cable ties around cable harnesses & assemblies.
  • A JQ-6100 Sleeve & Wire Cutting Machine enables us to accurately cut large volumes of heatshrink to the correct length.  
  • A Techon Sealant Dispenser, which dispenses low, medium and high-viscosity fluids accurately, is used on assemblies requiring sealant to be applied as part of the manufacturing process.
  • A Halo Blaze Heatshrink Processing Machine which is used in conjunction with traditional heat guns to fit heatshrink to cable assemblies where required.
  • A Kingsing Cable Twisting Machine is used when required to twist multiple wires together quickly and accurately.
  • An Ondal Taper S Automatic Taping Machine allows us to finish a cable harness in harness tape as an alternative to using other cable harness coverings such as braid or heatshrink. The machine efficiently wraps all types of tapes around a cable harness, including those tapes which are specifically designed for use in Automotive applications.  
  • A Travin TP1 Injection Moulding Machine for the manufacture of grommets and other over-mouldings used on cable harnesses.

These help our staff to reduce a products assembly time, and so reducing the overall costs of manufacture, which allows us to pass these savings directly on to you.

We also stock a wide range of hand crimping tools which allow us to produce samples, proto-types and small batches of assemblies in a cost effective way, but still to the highest quality standards, you would expect.

Product Testing and Inspection Equipment.

To ensure we produce the highest quality products, we use a range of product testing and inspection equipment throughout the production process and onto Final Inspection before shipment.

Our Mecmesin Advanced Forge Pull Testers are used to validate the quality of the crimped terminations we are producing. The testers measure the tension force required to pull apart or separate the components of a wire crimp. This helps to ensure the crimp joints are fit-for-purpose and thereby ensuring the safety and quality of your products and their compliance with any required industry standards. The AFG-1000N tester is used for pull tests up to 1000 Newtons, the ILC-S 2500N is used for where pull tests up to 2500 Newtons are required.

Our CFA1000 Crimp Force analyser system allows us to check the quality of all crimping operations carried out on our presses. This information helps to ensure that the quality of the crimping process is maintained from the beginning to the end of each batch of terminals applied.

We also have a SLE SBL Micro Crimp Cross Section Lab, which allows us to cut a terminal in half and to photograph the section in order to help validate the crimping process. Test results from this process and from the Mecmesin Pull Tester can be provided to our customers to help show the quality and compliance of the manufacturing process.

Our Cirrus Cable Harness Test Equipment is used to electrically test products. This has bespoke test fixtures to prove the functionality, of each of your products at in-process and final inspection stages.